Levels of Management

The level of management are :

  1. Top-level / Administrative level
  2. Middle level / Executory
  3. Low level / Supervisory
Levels of management
Level of management

Top Level Management

Top-level management is the first level of management it consists of,

  • Senior-most executives and their teams : 
  • Chief Operating Officer, CEO, CMO, CFO, Managing Director, Chairman, President, Vice-President.
  • Formulate overall organizational goals.
  •  Welfare and survival of the organization.
  •  Framing Policies. 
  •  Responsible for all the activities and their impact on society.

Middle-Level Management

Middle-Level Management is the second level of management it consists of,

  • HR manager, Production manager, marketing manager, Finance manager, Operation manager, plant manager, Regional Manager, and Divisional manager. 
  •  Interpretation of policies.
  •  Organizing departmental activities. 
  •  Cooperate with other departments. 
  •  Assign necessary duties and responsibilities to them.

Lower level Management 

  • It consists of Foremen and a Supervisor.
  • Function :
  1. Minimizing wastage
  2.  Maintaining Good quality 
  3.  Maintaining discipline among the workers 
  4. Representing the problem of workers.

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